Pick 7



Pick 7

Sporting Life Pick 7 Winners and Win £50,000


Are you a horse racing fan? Do you know who the runners and riders are on any given day? Then why not put that knowledge to good use and have a free bet in Sporting Life’s Pick 7 game run in partnership with SkyBet? You can have a free flutter today and tomorrow and the day after. And if you can pick seven winners in seven races, then you are rewarded with a massive £50,000 cash prize – without putting up any of your cash. 






How Do You Get in on the Action?


First off, if you haven’t already got one, you need to get a Sky Sports Account. It’s the account that lets you see all ten Sky Sports on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Wherever you have access to the internet, you can be watching your favourite games and races. And, there are lots of free betting games for you, including this one.


There are other terms and conditions — the main ones being that you need to be 18 or over to take part. Plus, you need to be a UK resident – or living on the Isle of Man or in the Channel Islands to take advantage of this fantastic and free betting game.


How Does it Work?


When you have your account set up, head over to the Sporting Life web pages, spend a little time browsing through the upcoming races. There’s plenty of information and tips there about which horses have been doing well, who the up and comers are, and which racetracks are hosting the events. The bet may be free, but there is no harm in doing some research before you get down to making your winning selections.   You can get a no deposit bonus at Casinos Not On Gamstop


Alternatively, you could use some other method – like picking the grey horses because they always run faster, or the ones named after race cars. It doesn’t matter how you make your selection as it is free to enter, and you might get lucky. Picking seven winners one after the other is a tall order, but a horse is going to win in each of those seven races, and it could be yours. If not, there is always more racing tomorrow.


When you enter, you will see a selection of horses running in the seven races. It’s straightforward to mark your choices, and when you hit submit, you lock into the bet. Provided you enter before the start of the first race. 


What if Your Horse is a Non-runner?


It’s not the end of your fun or your chances. Horses can become a non-runner for lots of reasons. Sporting Life will make sure you are still in with a chance of winning the £50,000 jackpot by substituting the race favourite for your non-runner. 


Does Anyone Win?

Well, before you start thinking why bother, when no one ever picks seven winners in a row, bear in mind that if no one wins the jackpot, then there are consolation prizes. If your selection of seven fantastic horses performs better than everyone else, then you get cash. Either £100 or £1,000 depending on the broadcasting of the competition. 


Then for the significant racing events taking place over a week, there is the rollover option. The jackpot gets added to the next day’s prize if no one wins it. That can add up to a massive amount of cash by the end of the racing festival – and you don’t pay anything to be in with a chance.






It doesn’t matter if you have no racing knowledge or know every horse personally, you can take part in this game. It is free to enter and lets you build your understanding of which are the best horses to back in any given race. Yes, the odds are high against picking seven winners in a row, but you know that a horse is going to win every race. And, there are a limited number of horses in each race. So, why not? If you have a Sky Sports Account, you can enter the Sporting Life competition for free every day. If you get lucky, you win lots of cash. If you don’t win, you’ve lost nothing, and there is always tomorrow. 

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