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Chuzzle Slots

Where to Play Chuzzle Slots?

Coin Sizes: 1p-£1 Paylines: 20 Max Payout: 10,000 x coin size Features: 3 x Bonus Games Auto-Spin: No

They might look cuddly but these colourful furballs are explosive and they let you win big! You’ll enjoy Free Spins, a Chuzzle themed bonus game and the chance to multiply your winnings up to 10,000 x your coin size! Who knew Chuzzles could be so much fun?

What is Chuzzle Slots?

Chuzzle Slots is a five reel slot machine game with over 20 different lines that players can bet on to win big on every spin. The Chuzzles that make up the game are the soft, furry and adorable creatures from the Popcap game of similar fame. However, while they’re background and scenery, the fact that this game is made up of soft and fuzzy animals doesn’t make it any less of a serious game with real winnings. The moment a player gets distracted by the cuteness, that’s the moment that they lose focus on the game and on their winnings.

How to Play Chuzzle Slots?

Chuzzle Slots are relatively easy to play, once someone figures out the controls and the odds for the game. The first step that a player takes is to set his or her bet, increasing or decreasing it using the plus and minus signs on either side of the control. Once the bet is set where a player is comfortable, then he or she chooses the number of lines to bet on. Each line will receive the bet selected, which means that the total bet will be the number of lines times the base bet. It costs more, but there’s also the chance of winning multiple lines in a single spin which can lead to big winnings very quickly.

Bonuses and Additional Features

As with many virtual slot machines, Chuzzle Slots comes with the chance to activate a bonus round. When the three bonus symbols are visible, no matter where they are on the wheels, it sets off the bonus round. There are three different types of round, and there are three different items that trigger each particular type of bonus. Free spins, bonus cash and all sorts of additional things that can turn one spin into a major money maker show up when those three symbols unite to give players a leg up on the odds.

The Best Game For Players’ Time and Money

Chuzzle Slots, despite its cuddly appearance and the fact that it doesn’t allow diagonal matches, is a solid and serious game for those slot machine players that want a chance to hit it big. With over 20 different ways to win, and a game that allows for so much bonus round opportunity, Chuzzle Slots is really the obvious choice for players that want to hit the jackpot sooner rather than later on a slot machine game.


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