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Updated: Oct 27, 2018

Slots are easy to play and not much human skill is needed regardless of whether the game is played in a land based casino or online. Some people like the solitary nature of a slots game as they could be unsettled by the social nature of playing with several other players, and the privacy that a slots game offer can be enjoyed along with the thrill of winning. There are three major categories of slots: Bonus, Progressive and Straight slots. There is a very wide range of straight slots and they can also be divided into several types of games. The nature of the straight slot is typically indicated on the machine or online interface, and the odds and payouts will be clearly indicated. When the player is au fait with how to play the slots straight, then they can decide whether they would prefer to go into extra recompenses of bonuses or progressive slots. All online slot games use a tool which produces indiscriminate sets of numbers, which in turn will dictate the results of the reel rotations. This allows slots to be played successfully on the web.

Some recommended tips are: • Set a personal financial limit and stop playing when this is reached • Ensure that the denominations required to play a game is in line with the budget • Be familiar with the payout spreadsheet before commencing the game • Do not pursuit losses, it usually leads to further loss • Do not bet more money when falling behind • Enlist in the VIP programme of the casino in order to get bonuses or extra plays • Establish a time threshold and do not extend play beyond this ceiling • Avoid spending the entire budgeted amount on progressive slots

The player can choose the best game for their requirements by considering several factors. The most important factor is the type of game – players usually do much better when playing a game that they enjoy. Another factor is to be very sure of the budget and also the denominations of money which can be played. Lower denominations make for longer play but lower winning amounts.

Your basic guide to online slots is something that is inside you and all you need is to have a basic idea of what you need to create your own basic guide to online slot machines. If you have played a slot game you can master playing online slot machine games.

The beauty about online slot machines is that you do not need much skill or knowledge to master the game other than luck and picking the right online game to decide to play. The first thing you need to know about online slots is that there are thousands of games online that you can choose to play as well as thousands of online facilities that provide players with games to access. In addition to this there are equally as many sites that provide players both amateurs and experts with basic guides of how to play online slots.

Secondly you need to know and any basic guide will tell you is that you need to have the money to start playing the game. Some sites will try and lure you with bonuses where you can multiply your winning which is always a good thing and any good guide will advise you to take it. Can you imagine, that someone once told you that there is nothing like a free lunch, clearly they did not know about bonuses but also all the free basic guide tips on online slots.

Like with anything you find online you need to take it with a pinch and sometimes a bag of salt as you do not know who create the basic guide you are reading to online slots. What you want to do to learn more about online slots is to read as many guides to online slots from basic guides to expert guides and firstly note who has written then and try and see how many times they have been on the leader board as well and cut and paste things that you think will work for you and take their tips and create your own unique basic guide to online slots with your own flare.

Once in a while live on the dangerous side and join a high bidding game with the experts, no this is not so that you can learn from the loss but that when you start to play the game regardless of how many players are online and the number of years they have, when you start you all start with an equal opportunity to win. Ask lady luck to be with you and go wild and see what works for you and in turn create your own basic guide to online slots. Win and share this with others and encourage others to join and experience the thrill of playing and also creating their own basic guide to online slots.

Slot Tips

Gambling is a past time that continues to be enjoyed by people from all walks of life, and continues to be entertaining (and sometimes highly addictive) to both the rich and the poor. Strangely, there seems to be a divide between tables players and slots players, the latter often being classified under the B list of casino users. This has to do with the perception that the player does not spend a lot of money on the stakes, which means that the pay outs are equally as frugal. In turn, the privileges of free accommodation, meals and other benefits afforded to loyal tables players are often not offered to the slot player. Nevertheless, it is estimated that approximately 70% (or more) of a casino’s profits is made from the slots. There are a number of ways to make sure that those profits can be directed at the slot player.

Firstly and most importantly, always set aside a specific and unchangeable amount for your stakes. Never play using your profits. Once you have exhausted the money you had intended for your stakes, it would be best to call it a night. This is the best way to ensure that you do not have much to lose, and it will provide you with the control that many slot players lose when they get carried away.

Secondly, the Play Table, usually displayed on most slot machines holds some very valuable information that pertains to how many winners have won on that particular machine, as well as information as to the jackpot amounts attained by each winner. Observing this information carefully will be greatly beneficial to determining your odds of winning. Always choose the machine with the most winners, regardless of the jackpot amounts, to reduce the odds of losing and increasing those of a winning streak.

Which leads to the final rule: Even during a fantastic winning streak you must take a break and regain clarity. When it comes to slots, the old adage about gambling still applies: It is better to quit while you are ahead. Remember that despite the bright lights and happy music, there is your hard earned money at stake.

Slot Experts

It never ceases to amaze any true gambler how quickly technology and inventors of gambling games scramble to perfect the ultimate game of chance where strategy and plans are unable to win. The element that drives these creators is the desire to create the Alcatraz of gambling codes or games.

This is so true when we look at the various types of slot machines that are available to play both in land based casinos and online casinos. They have become so advanced that some machines offer over 50 ways to have a winning combination. They have even made it more interesting offering games where you win on scattered elements, games that allow you to win both right to left and left to right. They even have games where there are revolving elements and tumbling elements.

Either way each machine’s creator did not create them for entertainment purposes but rather created them with one thing in mind. Is it possible for this game to be the Alcatraz gambling game?

What the experts know that your average gambler does not know is that gambling is not all about winning. Yes winning money is like achieving a payday; however that is not the point of gambling. The true point of gambling is to crack the system, to actually beat the system that over and over you will win and never lose with this “cracker” code.

Slots are the most attraction drawing games in any casino. They are loud, and sparkly and flashy. They have a reputation of creating big winners with any player. Yet experts will say that the only reason your professionals play the slots is not because of its artificial ambience it creates but rather the adrenaline it creates in them to crack the code.

So what is this code, is it the idea that it’s all up to lady luck? Or is it the idea that the more you play the machine, the closer you will become to winning? Or is it perhaps the idea that the more money you gambler using the machine, the bigger your chances of winning will be? This to any average gambler or gambler who plays on occasion for recreational purposes might be the code.

However to the expert they are all false and misleading ideas, there is only one element that will enable winning enough to be considered a code cracker with slots and that is the idea that when a gambler plays more money the more you win. It will only be the code cracker sometimes and not all the time. However when they say more money they don’t mean that you should clean out your bank account, what they are saying is that when you play you should play a large bet amount, e.g. instead of betting 1 credit for each turn, you should bet higher.

Skill vs Luck

Slot machines games are very exciting games and generally are low risk games are you determine how much you want to bet. You are in control of this, well unless lady luck is not on your side, which is known to happen every once in a while. Slot machines have evolved over time, from having to pull down a handle to some where all you need do is press a button and the spinning can start.

Generally playing slot machines requires making a trip to an authorised establishment that is supplied by the slot machine companies, the reason why you want to do this is to be guaranteed that you will receive your winning. The other reality about playing slot machine games is that it is a social experience and playing slot machine games can be a good way to make friends and network. There are always at least two or three regulars who will play slot machine games and over time you get to know them but this also means that you can achieve two goals at the same time, socialise and also make money. The establishments were you can play slot machines games also normally provide alcohol which can either boast confidence or make you bold.

Due to the addictive nature of playing slot machines you will need to have some form of self-control so that you do not spend all your savings in one go. Will you play slot machines games it is advisable that you set yourself a daily limit of how much you want to spend and if it is your lucky day how much you want to win and the lowest win you are comfortable taking home with you. The slot machine game you choose will try and seduce you so that you can continue either pushing the correct buttons or pulling on the arm, it will send you encouraging messages such as “master stroke”, “I like your style”, “I would like to see that again”, “Must be your lucky day” and so on which only serves to encourage and make the player try one more time, without realising that they are losing points. How often do you get such encouraging messages?

With a variety of slot machine games, you are spoilt for choice. You can change the slot machine game you play, or you can be faithful and focus on one or two machines and learn how to make the machine play for. If you do have a favourite machine you can be cheeky and ask the patrons of your favourite establishment to reserve the machine for you. Remember practice restraint and always invite lady luck or wear your lucky item on days you want to win bit while you play slot machine games.

Play slot machine games with as little as a silver coin provides a thrill like no other. With just a silver coin you can leave with paper money. Talk to lady luck and go out and enjoy. The additional beauty other than the ability to make mega bucks if you are willing to spend time on the slot machine is that unlike other money making opportunities, you do not need much skill or knowledge to plat slot machines, you only need one free arm so that you can control the slot machine and win big.


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