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Roulette Tips

Updated: Nov 11, 2018

Roulette Tips and Strategy


Roulette is perhaps one of the simplest games to learn how to play because it is a game of 100% pure luck and there are not an overwhelming number of odds differences. Although, there are some differences that make payouts larger (on say, hitting a specific number), rather than hitting on a "red/black" type of bet.

Therefore, it is possible to have a strategy -even though it is a game of pure luck. Basically (just like with Craps), you can "hedge your bets" by betting small on the big payout bets and betting a little larger on the smaller payout bets. The whole idea is basically to diversify in a way that you increase your odds of winning enough on each hand (or not losing too much) to stay in the game round after round.

Over time, the winning Roulette player will come out ahead by keeping focused and winning the occasional big payout (usually the profit) while staying in the game on the small payouts.

So what about Roulette betting systems?

Roulette betting systems that rely on recognizing patterns or certain "streaks" and then trying to guess or predict future landings based on past trends is mathematical flawed.

In a game of pure chance (such as Roulette), the house will always have the mathematical advantage. If you play a perfect game of minimizing losses and maximizing wins but have a losing streak, then the house still wins.

Should you know a Roulette betting system?

Yes. You should use (or develop your own that you are comfortable with) a strategy wherein you can keep from draining your bankroll to quickly. If you always bet $10 on '7' and you start with $100, you are pretty much guaranteed to only get to play 10 rounds. If you are lucky and actually hit, then your 35:1 payout will give you plenty of opportunity to build on that good fortune.

The safer bet, however, is to diversify. Your goal is to win something on every roll (i.e. minimize losses) -even if you also lose something on every roll. Playing a specific number with a low amount will also help give the occasional large payout.

Just to give you something to tryout and get the feel, you can try the following: Instead of betting $5 straight up on a number, play $1 straight up and another $1 on all four corners


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