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Semi Bluffs – Advantages of Semi Bluff in Free Poker

Semi Bluffs – Advantages of Semi Bluff in Free Poker

Semi Bluff is a type of bet which done with a hand which is not truly the best hand at that point in time of the game if your are called by your opponents but you do have quiet a reasonable of chance of becoming the best hand in the game to beat your opponents. This clear shows that semi bluff can only take place if there reasonable amount of cards to follow, it will not happen with lesser cards.

If you are betting for a semi bluff you try win right at that point of time, pretty much as would be doing in the case of a pure bluff. Semi bluff is one of the tools in the game poker which is very rarely understood, although is it is one of the invaluable and highly potent tool in poker. Semi bluff is used to be all top professional poker player in any form of the game. Although you are showing off a better hand than originally have in semi bluff but you must have reasonable chance of a best hand in it compared to a pure bluff.

Let look at the advantages semi bluff provides in the game of poker:

1. Semi bluff actually makes your opposite number to play the wrong way according to the “Fundamental Theorem of Poker”. When the semi bluff is made in al likely hood you do not have the upper hand or rather the best hand. In case the opponent has a look at your cards he would play the right way to do a raise but as you are making a semi bluff your opponent might most probably make only a call. This might well make your opponent to throw way the best hand by making the wrong moves.

2. Importantly with semi bluffs there is always a possibility of you actually being the best hand much to your surprise. If that happens, you are not going to commit the mistake of letting go a free card in the worst hand. There fore you are most likely to semi bluff when in a pretty good position to be the best hand then being in the position of worst hand were there are chances of you giving free cards to your opponents.

3. Using semi bluff diligently would give your game a great sense of deceptiveness which your opponents will have to be always conscious of this fact. This might make your opponents to be hesitant while taking risks with you as result of which they don not play with much confidence. So here on when you start to bet opponents will shape up to play in the same fashion in which you want to them, being predictable.

4. Last but not the least the semi bluff is an additional advantage in stud games, especially in the case of Hold ‘em as when you do make a bet that might well make your hand in the game your opponents will often misread you based on the way you have played in the previous round or rounds. This would well enable to you larger pots even surpassing your expectations.


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