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Wheel of Fortune SlotsReview of: Wheel Of Fortune Slots Summary:More Details Wheel of Fortune is an exciting game of chance available to players at the click of a button. This wildly popular attraction features 5 paylines and 5 spinning reels of rollicking entertainment. Players can spin to win in the world’s premier slots game where fortunes are won in a matter of seconds. The gaming gets started in a matter of second and a Wheel of Fortune brings smiles to players the world over. The iconic game show Wheel of Fortune now has its own slot machine due to the popularity of the game. The slot machine versions offered are Triple Action Frenzy and Hollywood. Gameplay involves 5 real and fifteen possible chances for a payout. The included bonus round gives players an extra opportunity to win money on the game. Where to Play Wheel of Fortune Slots? The Triple Action FrenzyPlayers begin the game by selecting letters off the puzzle board that may be in the answer. Each time a player guesses a letter correctly they earn a multiplier that they can use later on when they spin the wheel. Spinning the wheel gives players a chance to increase their winnings by as much as 32 times the original amount. Players who accumulate five logos in one session receive 1,000 credits to their game account. The game also includes two wild symbols that can lead to more winnings for players. Wheel of Fortune HollywoodThe Hollywood version of Wheel Of Fortune Slots makes players feel like they are in L.A.’s Hotel California. The game involves five lines of play. In this version of Wheel of Fortune slots players can get the opportunity to win 50,000 credits.If the three special symbols are activated using the three reels played first, players can spin the wheel multiple times and trigger the mini built in game show. Players that win a large payout will see the game’s Eagles.The multiplayer version of the Wheel of Fortune slot machine allows all players to be included in the bonus round, not just the player who hits the bonus. The catch is that in order for each player to be included in the bonus round, they must each wager at least 25 cents per spin and play at least three credits. Players that do not do this will not be eligible for the bonus round. This means that each play costs 75 cents. Paytable for Wheel of Fortune SlotsThe game pays out handsomely when the right symbols land on the active paylines. The following payout table applies to the game:5 x Wild Wheel of Fortune symbols on a payline result in a 12,500 coin payoutThe Wild Wheel of Fortune symbol substitutes for all symbols with the exception of the Bonus Jackpot symbol and the Bonus symbol5 Wheel of Fortune Symbols payout 12,500 coins, 4 pays out 500 coins, 3 pays out 100 coins, 2 pays out 5 coins and 1 pays out 2 coinsIsland symbols pay out 1,200 coins on 5 lines, 4 lines pays out 400 coins and 3 lines pays out 80 coins3 Gold Bars pay out 450 coins on 5 lines, 150 coins on 4 lines, and 30 coins on 3 lines2 Gold Bars pay out 300 coins on 5 lines, 100 coins on 4 lines and 20 coins on 3 lines1 Gold Bar pays out 150 coins on 5 lines, 50 coins on 4 lines and 10 coins on 3 linesAny Gold Bar combinations pay out 45 coins on 5 lines, 15 coins on 4 lines, and 5 coins on 3 linesWheel Of Fortune Slots offer progressive jackpots, making the game a very popular choice in casinos all over the world. In the history of slot machines, the largest winnings have come from the Wheel Of Fortune Slots.This game has been further developed to allow up to eight people to play at once. With this type of set up, if one player wins money, all the other players involved win money too.With so many varieties of Wheel of Fortune slots it is one of the world’s most popular and frequently played slot machine games. Its universal appeal stems from the fact that almost everyone has seen an episode of Wheel of Fortune at some point. The TV game show has been around since the 1950s and has gained a huge following, especially from the older generation.Wheel of Fortune slots are some of the best slots out there and the game is constantly being updated to add new themes and new twists to the game. This slot machine game will only continue to grow in popularity due to its longstanding reputation.


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