Rainbow Riches

One of the Old Boys on the Block, Rainbow Riches is the most recognisable slot to be released by Barcrest as well as one of the most recognisable slots, Ever! Speaking as a UK player that has been born into the world of Barcrest’s Rainbow Riches and what a world that is. I may say that a lot of Slots these days are packed with Features, but Rainbow Riches is the BIG ONE that’s packed full of Bags of Gold…

The Slot itself is packed with an Impressive 3 Bonus Features, each is just as creative as the other to immerse the players experience constantly!

Where to Play Rainbow Riches Slot!

Rainbow Riches Features

  • Software Provider: Net Entertainment

  • # of Reels: 5

  • # of Paylines: 20

  • Slot Type: Video Slot

  • Jackpot: 200,000

  • Bonus Feature: yes (Lots)

  • Scatter: Yes

  • Free Spins: No

  • Min/Max Bet: 40p – £400

  • Avilable on mobile: Yes

  • Max. Payout: Over 95%

  • Bonus Roads: Road to Riches Progression Feature

Rainbow Riches Pros and Cons

Tons of Bonus Features to get stuck in withA Progressive Feature to work your way throughUp to 500x your win from Wilds Alone!

No Free Spins FeatureOld platform with an Old Style of Gameplay

Rainbow Riches Slot Review

Rainbow Riches is an Irish Themed, 5 Reel, 20 Pay Line Video Slot which is powered by the legendary Barcrest, who started out as a developer for Land Based Casinos! All of the fellow UK players out there will know just how popular Rainbow Riches has been over the years, and we feel that the trend should continue for a few more years yet.

It’s hard to put a finger on exactly what players Love So Much because its different for everyone, some people like the Irish Theme itself, others like the wide range of Bonus Features in the slot whilst others, like me, prefer being able to Win the Maximum Jackpot during the Base Game! But whatever it is, pass it on, Rainbow Riches is coming back into fashion this Year.

You can Enjoy all of this and more at your Favourite Online Casino for as little as 20p per spin, up to £400 a Spin. Don’t have a Favourite Casino? Well check out some of ours here at Rainbowriches-mobile.co.uk for a full list of Casinos, Bonuses and Welcome Offers which are all rated by our in house Online Casino Experts!

Road to Riches Bonus Feature

The First Bonus Feature worth Mentioning is the Road to Riches Bonus Feature, which is a Progressive Feature in Rainbow Riches Slot. To start this feature off you will first need to get 3 or more Bonus Leprechaun Symbols anywhere on the reels. Once active a Start Button will appear which will spin a Wheel and determine how many steps up the Cash Path you can take!

You can continue to Spin your Way up the Riches Road until the Wheel Lands on Collect or you Reach the Top of the Cash Path (We hope it’s the second one). You will then be rewarded with the Amount Displayed on your Final Position, Multiplied by your Total Stake… Up to 500 Times your Total Stake is Available Here!

This Feature is Exciting, Innovative and above all, a Great way to get your hands on some Extra Cash.

Pots of Gold!

A Favourite Amongst lots of players World Wide, the Pots of Gold Feature is a great way of winning that Massive Jackpot Prize available in Rainbow Riches Slot. To Start this feature you are going to need to get 3 Pots of Gold Symbols anywhere on reels 2, 3 and 4. Casinos That Accept Uk Players That Our Non Gamstop Casinos Not On Gamstop

Once activated, and you will know when it is, Gold, Silver and Bronze Pots will spin around before your eyes on the Screen. After a short period of time, an Arrow will point to one of the Pots and they will all stop spinning which is the Pot that you have won! Don’t worry if it’s a Bronze One though, because you cannot lose in this feature as Every Single Pot has a Multiplier Value, Big or Small. Once again 500x your Stake is Available through this feature as well.

Pick Me Feature

It wouldn’t be a Classic Slot without a Pick Me Feature now would it, in this case it’s called the Wishing Well Bonus Feature and you can trigger it by getting 3 or More Wishing Well Symbols anywhere on the reels.

This is a Lovely, Simple, Little Extra Gem that Barcrest Decided to Add as a Little Gift because all you need to do, once active is pick 1 of 3 Available Wishing Well which will in turn reveal a Multiplier Value to be combined with your Total Stake.

Rainbow Riches on Your Mobile

Barcrest may be an Old boy on the block but even they know how important it is to have Rainbow Riches on Mobile. So rejoice in the fact that you can now enjoy Rainbow Riches on your Mobile or Tablet Devices at Download or Instant Play Mobile Casinos!
The most played Online and Land Based Slot is now available at your Finger Tips, so there has never been a better way to get involved in all the Features and Bonuses in Rainbow Riches, all of which work flawlessly on every single platform.

Like we said earlier there are lots of Reasons to Love Rainbow Riches and Now there’s another Reason, Rainbow Riches on Mobile.
What are you waiting for? Take the Luck of the Irish with you everywhere with Rainbow Riches Mobile available Now!














We’re sure there’s not too many of you out there we need to convince that the classic theme revolving around the luck of the Irish with rainbows, leprechauns, and pots of gold is by far and away the most popular theme out there. However most of the players out there, the ones who choose to play on Online and Mobile Casinos anyway, have been left in the shadows somewhat as that game that most people call the best version of this genre, Rainbow Riches, is only now finally making its way into the online world! You don’t even necessarily have to be a fan of the Irish theme to get excited about this game either as it’s not just the genre that’s made this game such a crowd pleaser, it’s almost everything about the game and there’s no doubt it will quickly rise to become one of the most popular online slots just as it became one of the most popular live slots!

Play This Game At All British Casino

While we have danced around the theme of Rainbow Riches quite a lot now we should probably do a bit a better job here of explaining exactly what the game looks and sounds like for players to give them a much better grasp of what to expect. The game is Irish themed and that shows right away as the backdrop to this game is full of luscious green meadows and fields on a very nice looking day. And while the physics here might not be quite up to scratch, you’ll also be treated to the view of many beautiful rainbows - even if there is no rain! The reels of the slot itself are taken up by various images of leprechauns dressed in green with ginger beards, wishing wells, pots of gold at the end of a rainbow, gold coins, a special Rainbow Riches symbol, and finally the classic Ten through to Ace symbols that appear in the majority of online slots. The colour scheme here is pretty bright overall trying to include all the colours of the rainbow to match the game’s name however the two most dominant colours are green and gold which isn’t too much of a surprise really.

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Rainbow Riches has been a very popular game for a very long time now which while great for the players who’ve enjoyed it, it does mean that you won’t be dealing with the most cutting edge graphics around for the game. That doesn’t mean you’re going to be looking at a very dated game either though but since there is rarely as much hype for a game getting released as there is for Rainbow Riches we feel it’s important players go in with a better idea of what they’re getting looks wise! That said though the game is very animated in its play and even the symbols in this game are pretty lively and animated so you’ll still really enjoy the game for what it has in terms of looks. The sounds of the game are quite complementary to what’s going on while you play the game instead of just simply having a background song that plays over and over which we really like as it helps break up the action and doesn’t make you feel as though you’re in a never ending cycle that won’t be stopped! The sounds include the classic fairy tale sound of a rainbow being created(if you can imagine that), the sound of gold hitting other gold, the leprechaun himself, and general cheery music for when you make a win. 

We may have gone on a little bit about the looks and style of the game there but hopefully we’ve given you a very clear image of what the Rainbow Riches Online slot will both look and feel like before you’ve even stepped up to take your first spin. As we say though it’s not exactly the looks of this game that has won over players hearts as there are many other similarly themed games just like it, it’s the actual gameplay and ingame features that Rainbow Riches has implemented that really helps set it apart. 

The game as far as video slots are concerned doesn’t look too out the ordinary in that it has 5-Slots and 20-paylines which is pretty normal. But where it already starts to deviate from others is the range of stakes people can play this game at! The low end starts for as little as 1p a spin as you can choose to only play one line if you like however the high end of this game lets players spin for up to £400 a shot which might just be the highest we’ve ever seen! Sure the amount of people that will actually do this must be few and far between however we do think it speaks volumes to the range of people that have grown a love for this game that they feel the need to add these stakes! With that all said it’s then on to how the gameplay of Rainbow Riches works! The good news is it isn’t any more or less difficult that other video slots however we would argue it’s a bit more fun than most. 

The first thing worth mentioning is that there’s two symbols in this game; the Rainbow Riches and wild symbol, where you only need to get two of a kind in order to make a winning payline! The wins won’t be for much however they all add up and they certainly help keep the bankroll ticking over on the hunt for the game’s jackpot. There’s also three in game bonus features the Rainbow Riches has to offer players which are all pretty big features so much so that we’ve given them their own page to talk about. That alone we hope gives you a little bit of excitement about them as they are all excellent features in our eyes. So while we haven’t given the full rundown of the Rainbow Riches Online Slot just yet we hope we’ve given you a good idea about the looks and style of this game, and what you can generally expect when you step up to play this fantastic slot!

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